19 Year old Healthy Boy Dies After Getting the Flu Shot

19 Year old Healthy Boy Dies After Getting the Flu Shot


Sandy, Utah high school graduate is now dead, and his mother says it is from getting the flu vaccine.

Lori Webb does say that the doctors can not come up with an agreement on what killed her 19 year old son Chandler Webb, but what she does know is that he was completely happy and healthy when he went in for the shot and within 24 hours was violently ill.

This was Chandler’s 1st time getting the vaccine. He ended up in the hospital having every test done to try and pin point was what wrong, but nothing came up. Most of the doctors of course said it was not the vaccine, but one did say there was a chance. By this time, Chandler had already gone in to a coma never to come out of it again.

Doctor Allyn Nakashima is Utah’s epidemiologist and said “We certainly have seen associations of encephalitis or encephalitis type illness following flu vaccine. “It’s very rare, and we can’t necessarily say there’s a cause and effect here, we can say there’s an association.” If the flu vaccine took Chandler Webb’s life, Dr. Nakashima says it’s one of those extremely rare cases and she hopes it doesn’t discourage the public from getting flu shots.

Do you and your family get the flu shot? What do you think of this story?

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  1. The doctor says it is possible the shot caused Sandy’s disease and death, but unlikely since it is such a rare event. It is typical doctor-speak but there are doctors who are unafraid to speak out against the flu shot. Some even have great disdain for all shots.

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